Red Diamond Label Publishing

Detroit's Hip-Hop Culture


What is rdl online

  1. Is rdlonline a digital record label?

    No. rdlonline is the central online hub for Red Diamond Label, which is a production/consulting firm.

  2. What kind of music does Red Diamond Label produce?

    Hip-hop with blends of R&B/Pop/techno/ and other genra's of music.

  3. Who is Red Diamond Label Producing?

    Dykkon IsaR.A.N. aka Mr. Cho' boy fresh aka Big isz Paypa boi wit tha most routes aka Chuckie Choa.

  4. What does Dykkon IsaR.A.N.'s music sound like?

    Dykkon IsaR.A.N.'s music sounds like UGK's Country Rap Tunes.

  5. What does Dykkon IsaR.A.N. call his sound?

    He calls it Motor City Boomin' Muzik...

  6. What does rdlonline sell?

    All things related to Dykkon IsaR.A.N.'s Solo career..

  7. Is rdlonline a secure site?

    Yes. rdlonline does all finacial transactions through paypal.

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