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About Us

Red Diamond Label is a Hip-Hop Production Company.

Founded in 2005 in Detroit, Mi.  By Dykkon Isar.a.n.  Rdl is a small production/publishing company currently centered on producing music and video's  and some consulting services. The Flagship artist for Rdl is Dykkon isar.a.n. Rdl is in the market of producing great Hip-Hop music and is always looking to improve it's visibility by branching out and working with other like minded individuals with similar goals.

Dykkon Isar.a.n. Has played many local clubs and bars as well as plaza's and theaters.

The sound that Dykkon Isar.a.n. has created is called "Motor City Boomin' Muzik" similar to UGK's sound.

Mission Statement

It is our intention to be the living example of a red diamond, where entertainment is concerned. To be a rare and exciting change of pace for a global community, using creativity to uplift it's spirit.

 Vision Statement

We strive to become synonymous with the legacy that is Motown. To uphold that legacy and to perpetuate it's existence.